Posted: August 17, 2007 in Uncategorized

Went to the other gym, it kicks arse, only had issues with a couple of machines (and I can substitute other stuff for those), the staff are lovely, it’s a ‘proper’ bodybuilding gym (though I had to laugh at the free weights area saying ‘Advanced Training Area’ over the door……

Now to send snotty email to LA Fitness to cancel my membership. Serves them right for being greedy – I would probably have stayed the year anyway but it was the principle of the thing and now I get gym membership for less than £15 a month. Suck on that!!!!

Tonight will be PVC and heels and a bit of glam. Or maybe not the heels, they do make my ankles look fat. Expecting a small train wreck so shall see how it pans out. Threw a bit of a wobbler last night – have no idea what happened but my temper flared up ever so slightly so spent the evening seething quietly.


In other news, I’m of to a barbie on Sat to sample Kangaroo, frogs legs, rattlesnake and boar. Hmmmm.


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