Eating my words

Posted: August 20, 2007 in Uncategorized

I don’t ‘do’ dates. I just don’t get them. All a bit contrived really – meeting someone to ‘get to know them’, as a precursor to getting their kit off – face it, if you’re attracted to them in the first place, a date is probably superfluous unless you’re after a committed relationship.

Or maybe I’m a cynical old bag….

So how do I explain that I have, in effect, agreed to a ‘date’ at the weekend? At the grand old age of 33, I am going to go out to a restaurant, to  get to know someone better, without the props of mutual friends and alcohol to help me. Ooh scary. Except it isn’t. Aren’t you supposed to be nervous or something?

Oh well, I knew I was never normal.

New gym is truly great and I have worked out a new programme to take into account all the new and interesting machines they have….bit scared of some of the Hammer machines – think I’ll get a nice instructor to explain those to me!!!!


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