Things I do and don’t do

Posted: September 6, 2007 in Uncategorized

 I have a few criteria when it comes to men.

No married men
No kids
No baggage
Not overly hairy
Not emotional
No ‘interesting’ piercings that could potentially cause me damage
No chavs

So why the FUCK do I appear to be seeing a man who fulfils the first 6 of the above 7??? Answers on a postcard, please! (And before I get flamed to hell, he’s actually separated, divorce imminent – there are some things I REALLY won’t do!!!)

I have also had humdinger arguments with various organisations this week – Virgin first, who told me they’d cancelled my DD in error but were still good enough to cut off my TV and internet and not actually inform me I owed 2 months….. Second were Shatwest who cancelled my overdraft without the courtesy of informing me. I mean, it’s all very well harping on in your stupid adverts how all your call centres are in the UK, but not much fucking use if the staff you employ still can’t speak the bastard language!!!! Twunts.

Reading ‘Bad Food Britain’ which is depressingly true. Still have some good books to read. Uploaded a load of CDs to iTunes yeserday so I actually have 2GB of music on my PC Yay!!!!

Tonight is girly gossip night tomorrow is club and Sat is a wedding reception. I’m knackered just thinking about it!!!!


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