Posted: October 11, 2007 in Uncategorized

Good god.

What have I been up to now?

I went to Spain for a week with a couple of other Mardy Bints (TM) We ate and drank loads and had lots of fun.

I upset my pet a bit by being a bit distant and ignorant but unfortunately that’s just me.

Vodafone pissed me off

I thought certain things were done with but they’re not

Had an impressive character assassination session

Founds out some mates have split up

And others aren’t doing so well

And one is being naughty

And I am being paranoid again and I hate it because I don’t want to be – there’s fuck all I can do about it anyway.

Vodafone pissed me off again.

Some cunt tried to break into my car AGAIN while I was away and they broke a door handle. Fucking bastardy little scrotes.

I wish I didn’t feel like this – I have the potential to really upset a few people and I don’t want to.

I have to go to a crappy staff meeting tomorrow

I am so fucking brassic it isn’t even funny

The pet will be back about 4am so I at least get a cuddle before work

I am a twat.


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