Posted: October 21, 2007 in Uncategorized

Well, last night…..

Went to Black Planet after meeting the stags in the Bear and dragging Andy off to his first ever goth night. He was somewhat hammered. So much so in fact that after spilling lager down himself and all over the bar, he decided to go home. Couple of minutes later he was found sitting on the wall outside. We took him to the taxi rank and gave the driver the address he was staying at. Texted the person he was staying with to warn them and was rewarded with a pic of him passed out on her living room floor…… heh heh heh. He was also spectacularly sick…..

Got up before 8 to finish steaming dreads – ended up with 60. Got Paul to clean windscreen and check the oil in the car. There was no oil in the car. Put oil in the car.

Nice drive to Notts where the lovely

put my dreads in in record time (less than 90 mins!!!) then we went into town. I was unfeasibly excited by the jam jars in Lakeland so I bought some so I could keep my mincemeat fresh. Bought some chocolate, then wandered back and drove home. Just had a nice hot bath and it’s early but I’m going to bed – been a long day and tho I was awake at 7, I didn’t get to bed till after 3…..


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