Posted: November 1, 2007 in Uncategorized

Oh dear I’ve been reading again….

Tesco is evil and can fuck off. Yesterday marked my month of avoiding supermarkets which may or may not include the Co-op because they’re, well, the Co-op…. This means buying petrol will be fun. Not. Not that it makes piss all difference as even Sainsbury’s is selling at 99.9p a litre…..

I may have to get the bike out and buy some gloves….

Anyhow, yesterday I bought fruit and veg from the market, and muchly bargainous it was, after a walk through Queens Park with all the Asian and Polish food shops which should also be ridiculously cheap.

Today I went to the farm shop in Stagsden and bought a real Northern black pudding, almost a pound of local smoked bacon (which apparently means I’m going to DIE because bacon and red meat make you DIE if you believe the papers this week), 2 large lamb shanks and a bound of braising steak for £11. The lamn and beef are reared on this farm by the way – infinitely cheaper than the supermarket, I suspect.

Then went to pet food place and bought lots of fancy food for the kitties – not cheap but not bloody Whiskas or Felix either. They’re not excited by the salmon and potato food but I suspect the James Wellbeloved and Burns Natural will go down well, as will the Royal Canin….

Result! It appears the Spawn don’t like Iams so that cheers me up.

And Wispas rock – thank fuck they’re not made by Nestle…..

Oh yeah Whitby was good, I may update on that later but there are loads of arty farty Abbey shots on MySpace and PhotoBucket somewhere…..

Highlights of the weekend include;

Low loon count
One of the loons finally having a shower – he did it again!!!
Lots of lovely lovely food
Pizza mountain which was actually a decent effort this year
Decent gym sessions
Buying tat
Buying books
Impressive fart tournament
Bap action
Cocktail action
The best DJ request list in the world, ever….
Necro Donor Cards
Biggleswade Sweet Chilli Crisps at the bakery
More food

Oh and plenty of drinking

What wasn’t so good was constant police checks on numbers and being turned away lots because the pubs were ‘full’, when they clearly weren’t.

Speedfreaks in a week or so…oh boy!!!!!


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