Feeling better now

Posted: November 30, 2007 in Uncategorized

After the last few days where I’ve felt totally Eurgh, there was a small light…

And it was because my inbox at work was full and I was trawling through the folders looking for stuff to delete…..

I found a 3 year old email sent to me by someone on the Muscle and Fitness forums….. it had some bloody good advice and a meal plan on it. At the time I did start the meal plan and had some good results, though I find it difficult to eat 4oz of rice or potatoes at the best of times!!!!

Having looked at it 3 years later with the benefit of experience and hindsight, it’s a good plan and looks easy to stick to, as long as I get the fucking support!!!!! And yes, it allows for a cheat meal every week, and an extra 400kcal 2 days a week (I’ll make one of those the cheat meal, and the other toast or something…..)

Having just gone on the net I was pleased to find it’s still up there and my password still works – another site to occupy too many hours!!!! And often more sane than Bodybuilding.com…….


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