I did stuff

Posted: December 7, 2007 in Uncategorized

Not much, but doing work reports, won some boots on ebay rang the vet, and about to cook dinner – the period cramps are just starting….

Have spent lots of today on Bodybuilding.com. Seems the Internet Nazis at work are spying on us so I’ll work at home – means I can look at the internet whenever I like.

Despite that, I’m making an effort to avoid FaceBollocks and MySpazz – they take up too much time, are just game playing attention seeking popularity contests and I can’t be arsed with it at the moment (hang on I’m sure I wrote that earlier in the week…..)

I like LiveJournal anyway – seems cosier, and there are better filters to play with and less pissing around 🙂

OK time for lunch…….


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