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Posted: December 7, 2007 in Uncategorized

Apparently I’m a hard nosed cow…..

Who would have guessed?

It’s not far wrong…

From your answers to the questions, you could be described in the following way:

You are reasonably calm and you are rarely anxious Stressful situations do not unduly concern you and you are not easily upset. Although you occasionally worry about things, you will not usually consider there to be much value in worrying about things that you have little control over. Criticism rarely upsets you, and you try to learn from criticism you receive.

You tend to be somewhat unconventional and imaginative in your approach to life, and seek out new experiences to try. Others are likely to see you as somewhat innovative, regularly coming up with new ideas or ways of doing things. You are happy to try new methods of doing things, and feel quite comfortable taking the occasional risk.

Your level of attention to detail is likely to be similar to that of most people; you fluctuate between looking at how things relate to one another and concentrating on details. You are usually quite well motivated, and tend to approach your work in a reasonably disciplined, structured way. Where possible, you try to strike a balance between work and leisure activities.

Although you sometimes enjoy social occasions, you occasionally enjoy time on your own or in the company of a small group of close friends. People are unlikely to see you as either shy or ‘larger than life’. You are a realist, and can see both the positive and negative aspects of most things.

You do not automatically trust people, and are sometimes suspicious of others’ motives. You do not suffer fools gladly, and can be impatient with people if you doubt their competence. If you disagree with someone’s views, you will usually argue the point with them. While your honest feedback may be valued by some, others may find you rather critical.

Combinations of ID60 Results:

The combination of calmness and unconventionality suggests that you would be happy working in an environment which offers a large amount of variety and frequent new challenges. Lack of structure in the workplace is unlikely to bother you, and you may actually prefer work environments which are not particularly structured.


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