Good night

Posted: December 8, 2007 in Uncategorized

At the request of

, I wandered down t’pub for a drink. Unfortunately it was Southern Comfort as said pub doesn’t sell JD but never mind…..

Nice night had, with Granny C, Ralph, Lisa Paul, Bridge,

and some random bloke I know from somewhere…..

There was some talk of a trip to Nottingham –

, what gothic related joy is happening in Notts anytime soon?

My hermitage appears to have failed today but I am in a somewhat positive frame of mind…. Finally got to the gym and did leg things which hurt. The gym is becoming a Golds Gym – Oooh posh! Means I can buy a posey t-shirt and stuff…

Not eaten nearly enough today (though eating a slice of bread an butter not a great idea, that taxi journey did make me feel a bit ill, and I needed to settle my stomach)

Felt a bit jittery most of the day what with taking the Hydroxycut and Creatine – it’s supposed to suppress my appetite which is why I take it but the first 3 days usually means feeling a bit shaky….

Low on protein and creatine may have to get some more tomorrow when I go to the market – pitifully low on fruit and veg too! The man at the supplement shop used to sell an ECA stack – may ask him about that as it was much cheaper…..hard to get hold of though…..

Ah well time for bed am happy, have been productive today

And I won some boots on eBay – been after this particular style for 12 years, but I’ve never seen them in red……hurrah!!!! New red boots!!!!!


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