Today’s punishment, part one

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Fat bastard, Not a rant, Training, Work
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After last week’s epic exerciseathon, I’ve done none since Thursday…..

Crawling out of bed just before 5am was therefore a bit of a struggle….

Off to bootcamp, have to admit, as traumatic as it looked when I got there, the reality was not nearly so bad. That’s not to say it didn’t hurt, but I didn’t pass out. In my book, that’s a plus…

Today’s joy was 60 secs each of;

Shoulder press, chest press, dumbbell clean and press left arm, same with right arm, kettlebell swing, kettlebell high pull, squat with shoulder press(chains), rest, horsey ropes, rest, v sit while having medicine ball thrown at you, throwing medicine ball, lunge holding 10kg plate left leg, same with right leg, ring row, rest, lying down sled pull, rest, prowler, rest.

The lying sled pull hurt like a bitch but I really enjoyed it….

Then I got measured. Their scales say 170lbs, 36.75″ waist (EEEKKK!!) and 14″ guns….hmmm. Bugger. Bit of work to do, methinks…..

Sort of dreading work today – lots to do, have to deal with someone I’d rather not, and it’s Monday therefore officially poo.

I may spend lunchtime purchasing orange fondant icing.


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