Weekend of many amusements

Posted: May 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

I made cakes, which I never got round to feeding everyone. Oops.

Yesterday was the hen do, and we all went to a Polenastics class. Despite having a pretty reasonable level of upper body strength, I’m not bendy, and though I was officially, shite, I think I did pretty well, and got a decent bruise on my arm to prove it!

We then went to the all you can eat Mongolian restaurant, and ate too much (as usual), but I was good, and although I ate 2 of the pancakes with the duck, I had no rice, or other naughty stuff..until we got to the pubs.

We went to the chavvy litter tray, as they have a pole…they also had loads of footy fans as there was a match on, so we hastily left…and went to the wankers, where large pitchers of drink were purchased, and drank….bit naughty as contained fizzy pop..

Off to Esquires which was not our thing at all, but it was free, and sold alcohol…

Big up to my lovely friend Lin Gartside, who won the NABBA Britain Overall yesterday (and of course her class in Trained Figure)…so, so chuffed and proud..if I had a quarter of her determination and dedication I’d be happy xxx

Meanwhile, my touting of Fathead and the like has given my lovely Bob ‘The Fear’ of bread…..whoops 😀


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