Why me, again?

Posted: June 1, 2011 in Allotment, injuries, rantage, Training
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So…last night (or rather, this morning), I was woken by some noisy foreign bloke downstairs shouting at (what I presume is, or was) his girlfriend. Loudly. Annoyingly. Constantly. Something like..

‘Shannon, let me in, it’s fucking freezing…let me in you bitch…..I’ll kick the fucking door down….it’s freezing out here…..I’ll buzz all your neighbours and get them up and it’s your fault……I’m going to kick the door in….’ *sounds of much outside door booting* ‘Why won’t you let me in? It’s cold…..I’ll set fire to your kitchen….let me in Shannon……I’m freezing, it’s cold out here…..I will be so cruel to you, you won’t believe how cruel…please let me in …….your kitchen is on fire……someone’s rung the police, now look what you did…let me in you bitch I’m cold…’

What a fuckhead. So after that, the police turn up, there’s a lovely smell of burning plastic, and I don’t actually get back to sleep till about 3…..

My alarm goes off at 4.30am so I’m dead chuffed when I get up.

Today’s bootcamp joy consists of;

20 secs, 20 secs , 40 secs each of kettlebell squat and jump, leg raises with ball, ball pull ins, drum roll battling ropes, inverted rows, ring supermans, ab wheel doo dah, lying o back rope sled pull, prowler and punching pads.

At the end of it, my elbows were killing me – they’ve been weak for a few days but I could barely drive home. A quick look at the net says either tennis elbow or biceps tendonitis, but neither fits properly……then a text to Mr Painbringer get s the ‘could be a rheumatoid joint problem, see your GP’. After a few minutes of abject panic at the thought I may become an arthritic old wreck, the fact it is in my elbow joint only led to a general consensus that I may have overdone it on the back workout last week…I bloody well hope so!!!

This evening, I am very very tired, and am going to spend the evening eating chicken, drinking tea and reading a nice book.

Some good news – I went to the allotment yesterday, planted cucumber (hopefully not contaminated with e.coli 0157H7) and pak choi, noted most things are still alive, though the onions are small, and our neighbour gave us a random plant we can’t identify, mainly because he doesn’t really speak English….our other neighbour did the same but we got that down as perpetual spinach – the same stuff I’d spent an entire day trying to dig up…ooops!!! 😀


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