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Posted: June 3, 2011 in injuries, Training, Work
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Yesterday, I spectacularly failed to find a nice dress for Lucy’s wedding. Actually, no, I found two lovely dresses – one a tight animal print number, and one a long floaty, flowery girly effort. One was too big and one too small. Arse.

In anticipation of the event, I even bought some fake tan so my legs don’t blind everyone on the day..they’re half as tan as my arms now lol!!!

Just been to bootcamp, my elbows held up but are a little achey now. The pain today was 30 secs then 60 secs of the following;

Shoulder press, kettlebell swings, trap bar deadlift, horsey/drumroll battling ropes, push press, burpee/ring pull, wall squat and shoulder press/squat and lateral raise (no rest here!) and medicine ball crunch and pass/leg raises (no rest here either)

Doesn’t sound much, but it hurt…my partner for today was a bloke, which meant someone much bigger and stronger than me, and I got plenty of encouragement 😀

Just checked my emails to find Groupon are doing a deal at the Polenastics studio we went to for the hen night – 4 beginner lessons for a tenner (it’s usually £25), so have signed up for that 🙂

Have stuffed my face with breakfast of kings – smoked mackerel and strawberries and cream – yum!

Now for complicated work stuff, and another attempt to find a bloody dress!!!


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