Weddings and primping

Posted: June 5, 2011 in Allotment, Fat bastard, minor rant, nutrition, Vanity

Off to a wedding yesterday, and rather lovely it was too. The bride’s dress was amazing, the weather was good, the food was actually healthy and paleo friendly (apart from the bread roll and cake lol)

The people watching heralded a bumper crop of bemusement, horror, amusement, facepalm, WTF and eyebrow raising. This is normal fodder for a wedding, but all very subtle, apart from my opener to one person that began ‘You’re a bit of a gobshite, tell me……….’ 😀

I do question why I’m not a hermit, it would make things easier.

No matter, I went out in public, in a dress, in heels and without tights. I apologise unreservedly for the festival of cottage cheese and corned beef that may have blighted anyone’s view. Luckily I’m so short, most people can’t see that far…. 😉

What I SHOULD be doing is housework. Shedloads of it. What I WANT to do is go to the allotment and weed. Again. I suspect it may rain. I should also go to the gym but my elbows are giving me The Fear.



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