Yay, I’m a cripple again.

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Allotment, injuries, minor rant, Training, Work
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Oh yes, not content with completely fucking up my entire lower body last year, it’s time for upstairs to get in on the action. Distal biceps tendonitis was my initial thoughts, but today my left shoulder in particular is unhappy, and the muscle right between my shoulderblades. Deep joy (though I think Deep Heat would be more appropriate, it mings, so I’m not going there)

This morning, 40 secs of each, twice over for;

Chest press/kettlebell swing, kettlebell high pull/mountain climbers, leg raises(couldn’t do overhead bit)/v sit and medicine ball slam, left arm rope thing/right arm rope thing, squat and jump, squats (bodyweight as couldn’t get arm back far enough on bar), ring row/plank (couldn’t do roll outs due to pain in arms)

What a wuss I must sound! Somewhat annoyed that I get over one injury and obtain another, bit skint so difficult to get to the physio, though Groupon today have a cheap sports massage….debating it as although it’s cheap, the petrol needed to get there and back would make it a similar price to getting one here.

Ah well, work today, cleaning and packing tonight and a lovely trip to Harwich tomorrow…

After spending ages watering the allotment yesterday, it’s been raining all night 😀


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