I hate people

Posted: June 11, 2011 in Allotment, Fat bastard, nutrition, people are scum, rantage

I really do.

Today, I have realised that hermitdom is probably the best option, lest I go on an all out rampage against the excessive fuckwittery evident around me. Everywhere.

I won’t even go into the stupid little gimp boy who accosted us last night to tell us he was going to blow up our nightclub because skinheads go there…..FFS.

Or even the impressively inherent nastiness of the human psyche.

Went to the allotment today and it was overwhelming. If it’s not raining tomorrow may attempt to weed again, and not get my arm elbow deep in a nest full of angry ants…

Pissed off that I lost £30 in town yesterday, and am now brassic.

Enjoyed walks to the allotment and supermarket today, but not the fact that flip flops are made for people with long toes – even a size too big and there is a huge gap where my toes are but my heel hangs off the end…grrr…

Really should plant out my tomatoes.

Having a diet wobble – I should stop reading stuff, I really should.

Hellfyre was very good last night, was nice to see bands and it was as entertaining as ever.

Have managed to borrow an ear piercing gun, just need to find someone willing to put holes back in my ears…


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