I don’t help myself…..

Posted: June 13, 2011 in injuries, Training, Work
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Just back from gym and a lovely breakfast of scrambled eggs, haggis and tomatoes. And a scone. With butter.

How British of me, no cup of tea though….

Bootcamp was hard work today – overextended my shoulder doing Turkish get ups and most of it was overhead work today – argh!

40 secs on/40 off, repeat of;

Box squats with one armed shoulder press left arm/right arm, Turkish get up left arm/right arm,  half squats with lateral raise/full squat with shoulder press, horsey ropes/rest, clean and press/press ups, overhead lunges left foot/right foot, supermans/wall squat and hold, medicine ball woodchop/squat and jump, weighted sled/rest


Back to work, been off almost a week, sort of dreading it, will have so many emails to read!


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