Council bollocking

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Allotment, injuries, minor rant, Training, Work
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Gym this morning….felt like death beforehand – creaky knees, shin splints and sore ankles – I thought flip flops were good??? Argh….did the whole circuit today, bits good, bits gruesome

45 secs each of kettlebell squat and jump/kettlebell deadlift, medicine ball crunch/leg raises, drum roll battling ropes/rest, one arm medicine ball push up/squats, punching pads/holding pads, underhand ring row,/overhand ring row, medicine ball woodchop/medicine ball squat and jump, resistance band side step bungee/bungee holder, dirty filthy evil prowler/rest (wheeze), plank/punchbag flip and burpee, lunge onto step, left leg/right leg, dumbbell chest press/lunge and shoulder raise….

Work has been less shit today, but got an email from the allotment man at the council asking if I would give up half my allotment if I couldn’t manage it? Hell no!! So it’s a bit overgrown but there are still plenty of crops in the ground – pardon me if it’s not perfectly spotless like those owned by retired people who have time to get there every day….

Anyhow, will be there later, if it doesn’t rain, and possibly tomorrow. It DOES need tidying, massively, I will enjoy it more if it’s tidy, but I’m not a tidy person!!!



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