Turning point?

Posted: June 17, 2011 in Allotment, Fat bastard, nutrition, Training
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Allotment yesterday. Cleared more of the flower bed, nettles were hacked down and some aged carrots dug up.

Back today, if it’s not raining.

Read an article in The Guardian yesterday. Normally the paper winds me up but there was an article about how good weight training is for women. There was also a quote from the lady from stumptuous saying that she doesn’t aspire to anyone else’s body, just for her own to be amazing (or something)

For some reason, that struck a chord with me, even though I’ve heard it before, a hundred times….a positive step, methinks.

Another, is that I’ve been beating myself up about my sweet tooth for days. Yesterday I had terrible munchies and just plain ate too much. Mostly fat and protein, but I made myself feel a bit bleurgh. Didn’t set my alarm, thought I’d skip bootcamp today, but I woke up just before 5, unable to get back to sleep so off I went…..

Teams of 6, split into 2s or 3s, 60 secs each of; mountain climbers/bag push/wall squat, repeat, plank/prowler relay, v-sit medicine ball pass/squat jump, overhead lunge/walking lunge, kettlebell squat and row/dumbbell push press. Did 2.5 goes round,so the bag push (aka Evil Sausage of Death) got 3 goes…ugh.

Have nice healthy food for lunch, for a change lol – prawn salad and a tuna salad. And some pomegranate. Yum. I want a cup of tea though…..


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