Lazy bones

Posted: June 18, 2011 in Allotment, Fat bastard, nutrition, Training

Have managed to do bog all today. Apart from the laundry. Really did want to do yet more clearing today at the allotment, but the scattered showers aren’t quite that – it’s brightening up again, but the ‘showers’ are torrential. A bit of rain, I could cope with but as it’s cold and breezy, the aftermath would probably involve pneumonia. No thanks!!!

Debating whether to go to the gym but feeling lazy.

Annoyed with myself for my sugar and carb cravings. Not something that ever seems to affect Bob at all. Need to keep track of them, trying to keep them below 100g a day, maybe will start tracking online again. How tedious. Even the fact I’m probably damaging myself isn’t making a lot of difference.

Must get to gym tomorrow as I’m missing actual lifting, and I’m starting to feel weak…

May take a little wander to the shop….with a brolly.


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