Late update

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Allotment, injuries, Polenastics, Training

Bootcamp yesterday……20 secs x 4, Tabata style of the following;

trap bar deadlifts/rest, horsey ropes/rest, clean and press/rest, squats/rest, burpee and shoulder press/rest, punchbag/rest, olympic ring squat and pullup/rest. Sounds short, but was brutal.

In the evening, we went to Polenastics for our first lesson. It was harder than bootcamp! My shoulders felt like they’d been wrenched out of their sockets, and my elbows were complaining lots – must increase upper body strength and grip lol! Was lots of fun though and we’ll be back next week…Bob, quite predictably was a natural, being male and having plenty of upper body strength lol, but he’s not supposed to be graceful as well, dammit!!!


Bought some bug killer for the allotment, will be there later….

  1. tam says:

    bootcamp? we have something similar around here (but usually done in groups) and it sounds horrible. a lot of grueling stuff in the heat. LOL. Not sure if polenastics are the same thing my daughter is doing… i’ve watched her ‘exercises’ on the pole. i must say, i am most jealous that she’s 20 and can do all that!

  2. beklet says:

    It is done in groups – is hard work, but not so warm here – it’s also done indoors, so is quite private 😀
    Polenastics is similar I suppose to pole dancing but more gymnastics based, I suppose? The hen party we attended first had people aged from 22-52 in it so it’s for all ages! Requires a lot of strength though!

    We went here

    It’s not all hotpants and hooker heels lol – I wore baggy yoga pants and bare feet 🙂

  3. tam says:

    Polenastics! That’s exactly what my daughter is doing. I have to admit, i am jealous, jealous, jealous of what she can do. She has a pole in her bedroom and she keeps telling me to “give it a go.” To be honest, I did one time (just twirled around it) and was afraid I’d pull the silly thing down. HA HA.

    She wears gym clothes to her class. Shorts and a gym top. I’ve seen her wear cropped yoga pants too. Me? Well, I attend my sister’s Zumba class. Not sure if you know what that is, but it’s Zumba is taking the states by storm! My sister got her certification to teach classes and of course I had to go. 🙂

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