Disappearing PTs and epiphanies

Posted: June 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Went to the gym Monday night. Co-allotmenteers had cried off and I thought I really should get back into this lifting lark so off I went…

Alarmed to see a ‘No Chalk’ sign on the wall when I arrived, but was suitably appeased when it transpired my chalk balls would probably be OK

I also asked about the overenthusiastic PT from my earlier post – no one knows what happened to her – she was last seen telling a 40-something woman she was probably too old to start using free weights….oh dear!

Went for my rehab work – have been neglecting Agent Orange of late, and boy, did he make me pay! Still very sore from Polenastics so legs it was…..

To say I was piss weak is a bit of an understatement. I found 150kg on the leg press quite difficult – WTF? Priority now is to up strength….

After that, went to the allotment and sprayed the bugs.

Yesterday, off to bootcamp, 45 seconds each of;

kettlebell squat/kettlebell high pull, squat and lateral raise/ball squat and press, horsey rope hell/rest, ab roll out/press ups on bar, punching pads/holding pads, ring superman/ring row, v sit and press/twisting v sit, ladder run with jump squats/steps ups with weights, dirty evil filthy prowler/rest, side to side jumpy things/press up and jump, curl and press/repeat, bicep curl/repeat then round again, got as far as the ab rollout/press ups…..

Quite enjoyed it – have come to the conclusion breakfast is probably not for me.

Then I started reading this and it all makes sense now. Have a quite renewed sense of optimism and I think I will be getting the book next week….

Work is still a bit depressing – what motivation? Maybe the ghrelin will work for me…..


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