Oooh angry….

Posted: June 23, 2011 in people are scum, rantage, Work

Work is making me angry. Binning the Bureaucracy? Bollocks! We have had more crap to deal with in the last month than the last year! More spreadsheets and forms to fill in, to account for every second of every day…FUCK OFF AND LET ME DO MY JOB!!!!!

Which last time I looked, didn’t include wasting time and money in its remit…..

It’s actually quite depressing, motivation for work zero, though I’d quite like to go to the gym more, and be at the allotment more, I just really hate work at the moment. So, with my department doing all it can to stop me actually doing anything, the Smothernment doing everything in it’s power to put me on the breadline for evermore, and be one of those pensioners living on dog food and economy white bread, as well as make the general public despise me even more than usual, I’m in a really happy place…..

Tomorrow, I shall work at home, and write up reports, free of the bullshit emails I get every day, instead I can watch Jeremy Kyle and realise that yes, my life could actually be worse


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