Quick bootcamp update with moles

Posted: June 24, 2011 in minor rant, Training, Vanity, Work

Overslept a bit today – woke up at 5.30 – oops! Debated bootcamp, but went anyway

30 secs each then 60 secs each of;

Medicine ball throw, rope shoulder press/drum roll, pull ins/SLDL, one arm squat thing, push press, punchbag with dumbbells/ab rollout, burpee/ring pull ups with negatives, sled pull

Ouchy! Elbow not happy with lateral movement.

Working at home today so will be firing up the laptop later – I get so much more done at home, even while watching crap daytime TV (or maybe because of it!!)

Doctor’s appointment at 5pm – gonna get the itchy moles on my elbow cut off, with any luck, and maybe the one on my face – it’s OK, but I keep scratching it! Didn’t get any stick from the receptionists when booking the appointment this time, which is nice. It’s only a year since I went last time to see about this, good job none of them are cancerous, eh?



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