How slack of me….Hmmm

Sunday, went to local bodybuilding show, met up with some friends. It was fun, but I have no desire to diet. Funny, that.

Afterwards, went to see Bob’s truck in action, got a Maccy D and got a lift home in said truck. I nearly did a wee.

Monday, we took it back and put it to bed them went to Polenastics. I was shit, Bob was great, I really hurt my arm, thankfully just a slight muscle strain, seems better today.

Yesterday, I failed to do anything except throw my toys out of the pram, as someone at work branded me a ‘disappointment’

Gym this morning, 60 secs each of;

SLDL, dumbbell push press, dumbbell squat, medicine ball press up, medicine ball floor touch and jump thing, can’t remember, ring row, wall squat hold, lunge with static lateral raise, rear delts, prowler, rest, dumbbell chest press, kettlebell swing, kettlebell squat and jump, alternate shoulder press, barbell clean and press, medicine ball squat and press, leg raises, plank, horsey ropes, rest, SLDL, dumbbell push press….

Work almost bearable but crap today, still fuming from yesterday.

Toight hope to get to the allotment to check on things then go to the gym. Have just sprayed my indoor plants with a weak soap solution – damn aphids! Chilli plant now has chillis though….


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