Busy day at the gym(s)

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Fat bastard, nutrition, Training
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Better list what I did yesterday…..circuits at 6am, 60 secs of each of the following;

SLDL, dumbbell push press, dumbbell squat, medicine ball press up, medicine ball floor touch and jump thing, can’t remember, ring row, wall squat hold, lunge with static lateral raise, rear delts, prowler, rest, dumbbell chest press, kettlebell swing, kettlebell squat and jump, alternate shoulder press, barbell clean and press, medicine ball squat and press, leg raises, plank, horsey ropes, rest, SLDL, dumbbell push press….

Yesterday evening I went to the gym, and it was a humbling experience…you will laugh but I really was at the pink dumbbell stage. No point feeling sorry for myself, just have to get the numbers back up…. First stop, the squat rack. Except there were 2 big bastards in there doing curls. WTF? Off to the bench then. Picking up a 10kg plate from the bench behind me, some bloke says ‘We’re using them’….’What, all of them?’ (there were 5 10kg plates by the bench as well as 15s and 20s…)…I got my plates After that grimness, was squats..except someone beat me to the squat rack so it was the Smith Machine for me – at least I managed atg for every one, although my knees hate me for it! Bent over rows last and it was pathetic, really it was. I have a lot of work to do!!! So, if you need to point and laugh, get it over with, I’ll not accept any pisstaking afterwards

Bench Warm up – bar x15

30kg x5

40kg x5

40kg x 5

42.5kg x5

42.5kg x 5

Squat (weights don’t include bar – owner says it has a counterweight, but it’s not very good lol it’s a 20kg bar, probably weighted so it feels like 10kg, I couldn’t say)

20kg x5

20kg x 5

30kg x 5

40kg x 5

40kg x 5

Bent over row

30kg x 5

40kg x 5

40kg x 5 40kg x 5

50kg x 5

It was quite difficult, but I’m confident muscle memory will let me get the weights up relatively quickly, as when I’ve been using the Hammer Strength machines for chest, back etc, my strength seems to have diminished little, it’s probably a confidence thing. I went on the twangy leg thing, for a bit of assistance, like, and put my usual warm up weight on, and promptly twanged something. Ouch!


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