Long time no post

Posted: August 7, 2011 in Allotment, jalopy corner, people are scum, Polenastics, Work
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Indeed, it is a long time. What has happened?

We went to Supernats, a local hot rod and custom show, and much fun it was too. We went in the truck, had a good time, took it on the cruise, it blew a gasket (literally) so was taken home, and we went on to the Mopar Drags at Santa Pod in the car. After the drags, Bob went to sort the gasket, and the truck got back to Old Warden…..next day was show and shine, I was out in the sun for 10 hours and got horribly burnt. I am a twat.

Last week, Yuki went missing. Seems she escaped out of the window (second floor!) and hasn’t been seen since. Have flyered some neighbours, been out looking and nothing yet. Local vets haven’t had her brought in, neither have the animal rescue places, so she’s out there somewhere….

Accommodation for WGT Leipzig booked, and deposit paid, I am now trying to relearn all the German I forgot 20 years ago. Also looking to go to the Le Mans Classic next year…at least my passport will get used for the first time in years!!!

Been to the allotment it’s a bloody wilderness, but got some exciting seeds from the Real Seed Co, and sowed a row of each of red kale, mispoona and winter radish today…

My car did a spectacular impression of a kettle on Monday, and Mr RAC man had no idea what was wrong. Massive car overhaul coming soon….

On Ladybird Watch – they’re bloody everywhere! For the first time ever, earlier, I saw a newly hatched one – all orange with no spots…..and since my encounter at the allotment, and the dive bombing one near the college, I haven’t seen a single Harlequin. Not one. And bear in mind this area was overrun with them a couple of years back, all I see are 7-spots…..


Oh, and work is really really really shit.


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