OK, so this Whole30 thing

Posted: September 1, 2011 in 30 day challenge, Fat bastard, nutrition
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Apparently , that is the official name of what I’m about to do…the info is here


Black coffee being drunk, not sure how the green tea will go, I do love my tea, with milk….

Only think I can foresee being a bit of a mare is lack of butter. I do love butter, and it’s so good on veg!!!

Breakfast has been bacon and tomatoes, lunch will be salad with eggs, an apple and I also have some Paleo friendly snacks from Graze (various seeds and nut mixes).

Typically, I have to eat out tonight, at Frankie and Benny’s – luckily, they do lots of meaty stuff, so will be OK with a steak and salad, will just ignore the chips (or get Bob to eat them….), or I could have a salad…..

I will be spending next few days reading blog after blog, first thing I’ll be looking for is salad dressing 😀

Have taken my vitamins – Vit D, magnesium and zinc, fish oil and vit C (which I know has saccharin in but it can’t be helped, it’s either that or sugar….), and weighed and measured.

Weight – 11st 13lbs (167lbs or 76kg for Americans and funny metric people)

Bust – 41″

Waist – 33″

Hips – 42″

BF% – 35%

I am a porker!!!! But then we all knew that…….off to perv at food porn on


  1. Nichola says:

    You can do it Ranty, one meal at a time! For the first two or three tough days, have something quick and easy on hand to eat. Boiled eggs, chicken drumsticks, chopped carrots in the fridge to munch on when you feel like chewing the sofa!! Then you wake up one day and you don’t feel ravenous any more. Good luck.

  2. Salad dressing are easy! I use random amounts of oil (olive, coconut, even bacon drippings), mixed with some lime or lemon juice or vinegar, add in some mustard or creamed avocado (or both), a few spices…done! Good luck on your Whole 30!

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