How did it go?

Posted: September 2, 2011 in 30 day challenge, Allotment, jalopy corner, nutrition
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Day 1 of the challenge, that is – so much I need to write on here but don’t have time!

My salad dressing was olive oil, lemon juice and garlic pepper. I also made some mayonnaise, which I’m not impressed with. Partly this is because I don’t really like olive oil in large doses, and partly because I don’t like mayo either, but even with various flavourings, it’s still pretty grim. Ah well…..

Biggest problem of the day was tea. I love tea. I usually have it with milk. I had green tea, but it wasn’t as nice…..I’ll have to persevere with it, as I can’t be drinking coffee all day…

Annoyed that yesterday’s Graze box hasn’t arrived – had to give the honey cinnamon almonds to Bob yesterday, while I ate the other stuff, but I’ve changed the contents to one of the ‘healthy’ ones……mainly just fruit, nut and seed mixes.

I think my rear tyre has a puncture. This is annoying as I don’t think it will be cheap to replace…..

Today I am planning to plant my garlic, amongst the raspberries. I also have onion and shallot sets to put in – once I’ve cleared the weeds (again) – at least it’s a sign the soil is good lol!!!

  1. Hey there Rantygobshyte,

    I’ve had problems with green tea for a while now, it turns out that I was brewing it too strong, much like I do with black tea. After talking to my Dad about it, an avid green tea drinker since a prostate scare, I add 3/4 teaspoon to a 4 cup pot and I find it is ok at this strength.

  2. beklet says:

    Yep – I tried the ‘leave the bag in for a few seconds’ routine and it was better, but still a bit grim. I like the stuff they serve in Chinese restaurants – basically hot water and a couple of dried leaves….

  3. PrimalAmy says:

    Are you using light olive oil in your mayo?

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