Day 6, toiletless and angry

Posted: September 6, 2011 in 30 day challenge, minor rant, nutrition, Polenastics, Training, Work

Of course, I’m not angry at being toiletless, Bob has taken out the old one, and primed the floor before siting the new one temporarily…(he has to paint the floor)

This does actually mean that after 9 years of living here, I am actually going to decorate my bathroom…I’ve managed 3 rooms so far, only another 3 to go…

It’s going to be black and white. Black floor, wood, bottom half of wall, white tiles and top half. I’m so goth…. 😀

Angry because of numpties at work – can’t be helped but they are a pain, ad make my job so much harder than it is!!!

Day 6 – still missing milk in tea. Working in different office tomorrow so will have to take food – luckily bloke I’m working with knows low carb is good so won’t give me any grief about drinking black coffee…. 😉 He lost about 4 stone on a lowish carb diet (he reduced carb intake to rice or potatoes 3 times a week)

Went to the gym today. Felt a bit lost as not been for a while, but was cheered by my increase in strength for Polenastics yesterday. Think I#ll ease myself into it by doing some scaled down CrossFit WODs for a couple of weeks, as I remember I got quite into it before I twatted my ankle…


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