7&8, black paint and much butter…

Posted: September 8, 2011 in 30 day challenge, dressmaking, Vanity
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I actually drank some green tea today without gagging. Yay me. It was Twinings green tea with lemon, if you’re interested…

It’s all going well but it’s a total pain in the arse trying to buy stuff from shops when you get the munchies mid afternoon. I’ve made it to Day 8, that’s nearly a third of the way through!!

Have been tested tonight as I did a mystery shop at Frankie and Benny’s. Oh, how I was tempted by the wondrousness of the rack of ribs and sticky prawns…..but I was good. I had chicken wings for starter (and ignored the blue cheese sauce), and lamb shank for main – the nice chap was also happy to substitute the mashed spud for extra veg – result! 😀 And I had a bloody strong coffee (it was in the brief, and Bob won’t touch the stuff…)

Want to do another one, but I have to order a glass of wine – I’m pretty sure that would be OK, right…… 😉

Today’s Graze box was awesome, as I could eat everything in it, so I shall do so, tomorrow. Use this code to get a free box at www.graze.com


Ah yes, tomorrow. Our order of various butters (mango, macadamia, olive, kokum, coffee, illipe, shea and argan oil) has arrived, and tomorrow, we should be making lovely body butter, a hair mask for next time I’m let loose with the bleach, face and eye cream and lip balm…..can’t wait!!!

I also have the net for the netty petty I’ll be making when I can get access to an overlocker, and this weekend I will begin making a bumper batch of dreads for Whitby.

My bathroom floor is now black, and the bog is back in place – hurrah!

In industrious mode, I also tidied my cupboard at work today…tomorrow I will attempt the desk…eek!!! o_O

That’s about it really. Not so much to say today, but it’s been quite a good one, now I have to find some pots as I know I won’t be happy with just one pot of body butter….. 😀


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