Losing count…Day 12?

Posted: September 12, 2011 in 30 day challenge, minor rant, nutrition, Polenastics
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Proof I’m blonde – it’s the 12th therefore it must be day 12….duhhhhh

Feeling utter shite today. Felt soooo tired and sluggish yesterday, feeling better today – FINALLY! Felt so awful this morning I went home early – felt queasy and hot and groggy and headachey…..still headachey and it’s Polenastics later!! Eek!

Horrendous cravings yesterday for dairy, and today it’s def for comfort foody type stuff – damn my hormones!! Today, it’s back to tea and scones with LOADS of butter (sod the jam and cream lol)

I admit to slight disappointment…by this point I was expecting to feel more awake and motivated, and to actually be sleeping properly….either I have one massively fucked up body which will need months of help, or..well, I dunno really…….

One thing I’m having a bit of trouble with – the old ‘Sweet potatoes good, white potatoes bad’ argument. I don’t actually understand why white potatoes are so bad – sod this GI business, they are still full of vitamin C etc, and as sweet potatoes aren’t exactly native to the UK (neither are spuds I know, but they are at least European) surely they’re not that bad? Not that I’m looking for any excuse to eat them – I could find plenty if I needed to, but I do think they’ve been unnecessarily demonised. And sweet potatoes are nasty – too sweet! Yes, I said that…….


OK I stand corrected, spuds aren’t European, but they’ve been here a good few thousand years, we are fond of our root veggies lol…..


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