10 days to go!!!!

Posted: September 20, 2011 in 30 day challenge, Diet bollocks, Training, wheat is murder, wherefore art though paleo?
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Bit of a link fest today, I think.

But how have I done?

Not bad. I’ve had a couple of potatoes this week, fresh from the ground (well, I did cook them first lol)

Still not succumbed to the dairy, much to my utter astonishment, and my other half leaving whole rounds of camembert out to ripen (grrrr)

Feeling OK, if a little tired. Still no gym motivation, which is pants. I must go tomorrow, as I’m starting to look ‘soft’. I know I’m soft already, but I actually look as if I’m losing muscle. This is bad.

Spotted some interesting links today. The first was somewhat disconcerting. Turd stuffing, effectively. Yack.


Sadly, not my experience (yet)


Short interview about teh evil wheat, though I don’t want to be skinny


Busy week coming up, including more hotel trauma, an Avon party, staff meetings and a barbecue. The barbie would be great, but my mates are all great cooks, especially when it comes to puddings. Crap……I will attempt to stuff my face with belly pork…..


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