I went to the gym today, first time in a fortnight, and did a leg workout that, if I did it properly, will result in me walking like I shat myself….

I was somewhat disappointed to note I have lost a measly 2.5lbs in total over the last 21 days. It’s still 9lbs off my highest ever but still a bit crap.

Today’s experiment was dairy. After a lack of problems with spud, I bought a Greek Salad Bowl from M&S (they were half price). It had a piddling amount of feta cheese in it (about an ounce, if I’m lucky), so figured it would be OK. Didn’t notice any bad effects, but then 6 hours later I got a bit of trapped wind.  Not sure if it was the cheese or green tea with mango I drank just before, but tomorrow I will attempt another small dose of dairy to see….I really wanted Greek yoghurt, but all they had was low fat….FFS

Tomorrow I have 39 strips of netting to cut out. Oh joy…..I may leave it till Friday……

Oh, and people are bastards. That is all.


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