It’s been 30 days. The last few have been a bit off-plan – due to being away from home and the food options being more limited than I expected – I made a couple of bad choices but in the long run, they were good, as I learned something….

On one of the days, the option was Burger King or….a sandwich. I debated  the ‘Whopper no bun’ scenario, but BK burgers give me indigestion so I had chicken nuggets and cheese bites – all nicely coated in batter made from wheat…..

4 hours later, and an hour to go till dinner, I was walking to th supermarket in a weak, shaky, slightly dizzy mess. Seems despite the high fat content of lunch, the batter had produced an impressive blood sugar drop. After over 3 weeks without one, I’m quite happy to have no more, thanks!

The following day, I did a different experiment. Normal breakfast (it was a hotel breakfast, so fruit, tea, eggs, bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms), lunch was a burger without the bun, coleslaw and a few chips. Couple of hours later, I ate 2 meringues, with cream and fruit (lovely they were, I was forced to eat them, mind…… 😀 ) I was due to drive home, and was fully expecting the groggy sleepiness that comes with a sugar crash….I drove home, a couple of hours after eating them, the drive took 3 hours and……..nothing. Yes, I was starving when I got home, but not in the hypoglycaemic shaky way, I just felt…..hungry.

I think that little experiment showed that wheat has far nastier side effects for me than sugar (in reasonable amounts, I suspect a whole bag of Haribo would be a bad move), especially as the amount of wheat eaten was actually very little – certainly no more than your average sandwich…..

So we come to the numbers. Not very exciting, would have liked to see more change but my training has been sporadic, and I’m losing muscle at an alarming rate, once I get back into a routine I should start to look better…no bodyfat measurement as I can’t find the calipers…..

Weight – 11st 13lbs (167lbs or 76kg for Americans and funny metric people) 11st 7lbs

Bust – 41″ 39.5″

Waist – 33″ 32″

Hips – 42″ 40.5″

BF% – 35%

So, results at least….I do know the gym scales weigh about 5lbs heavier than mine though… they’ll still have me at near 12 stone….

Have ordered Wheat Belly, it should be here soon, and about to go off and look at a pretty car for Bob. Other jobs for today include allotment, and buying loads of pins to finish off my petticoat, also cutting out pattern pieces for the broccoli top……

Tomorrow I shall be overlocking and constructing said top, then going to the glammy joy that is LA Guns…and I still have dreads to make. Eek.

  1. Janet Darbey says:

    well done on the inches lost Bex. I found the same thing with product containing wheat…it not only gives me an allergic reaction….it also gives me crashingly low blood sugar levels if I get some accidentally. You also hit on another point…its not always a lot of wheat that is needed to bring on a reaction….I once got a total blood sugar crash after eating just a couple of crisps that must have been sprayed with wheat starch to make them go crisp and golden. Due to my problems with wheat and gluten being undiscovered for so long I developed thyroid problems. Gluten free products might be a way forward for you….I do NOT get low blood sugar levels after eating these…in fact my blood sugar stays more stable.

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