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Posted: November 13, 2011 in Allotment, dressmaking
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Been on holiday, have a crappy cold, and been making stuff. Now, I will not pretend to be a great dressmaker – I am just starting out. My first serious foray into this was the Space Dress, which I love, and may have to make various versions of…..

This post is going to be long, so bear with me. I have been experimenting and reading many blogs of late. My biggest problem is that I get bored, and frustrated, as today will no doubt show……this post is a little picture thingy of stuff wot I have made, and it will serve as a cringeworthy reminder in years to come of how ropey I was in the beginning :p

A few things to clear up. Despite the fact I look a bit of a goth, go to goth weekends and festivals (Whitby was awesome, by the way), I do have a penchant for bizarre fabrics and lairy colour combinations. Oh yes. The Space Dress is a case in point, I just HAD to have the fabric

Space Dress

Ignore the gruesome hallway….

While buying the buttons for the dress, I found some equally bizarre fabric, and made the Broccoli Top. A variation on the top half of the SD, with shirring instead of a zip. Learning point from this was that I should have made the shirring deeper, as the hips are huge. I may yet take the bottom in a bit….I also couldn’t resist the chilli fabric, so I made a circle skirt in that….

And as part of the green theme, I made a netty petty. Never have I cursed pins so much, or nearly fallen asleep at an overlocker. In true style, I started to get the hang of it when I was nearly done. I’m going to make a purple one soon, a longer version, but I will recover from this one first…

Veggie heavenTeh Evilz

I then decided to try something more adventurous, in a scary silver leopard print. Oh yes. I bought the fabric before I read the reviews of the infamous Butterick 4790. I originally wanted nice light girly fabric but was swayed by the lairy shit….and then found I would probably be garotted by it anyway. I made it, in the silver and some black satin (WHY?? Satin is shit to sew, particularly cheap stuff, FFS I must hate myself) – The hem went tits up, so I decided to bind it. Everywhere had sold out of black sating so I bought silver. Big mistake. When I get time (and the will to live, binding 6 metres of hem is fucking soul destroying), I’m cutting off the silver because it looks crap and replacing it with black satin. Pic as proof of the vileness of silver bias binding….

Walk away dress, and I want to!

I WILL make this again, in a more suitable fabric.

As always I made my dreadies for Whitby, white, blonde and ice blue, though I added turquiose at the last minute cos I panicked I didn’t have enough. In progress… (the brown ones are ones I was making for a friend)

And installed (and me wearing the broc top lol!)

I look a tit


I bought more fabric while I was at Whitby. I got some plain black and white gingham, and some obnoxious cat fabric

In fact, I checked my fabric stash, and for a total novice, I thought it was quite good, apart from the lack of red….

I remembered some fabric I’d bought from an Indian shop a while back – the plan was to make a skirt for a wedding, but it all went tits up, as satiny stuff is rotten to sew, and frays like buggery – not good when you don’t have an overlocker….thankfully, I currently have occasional access to one, so I decided to use the remaining evil fabric in a top. And the accompanying pink chiffon stuff as the lining. Because I’m stupid like that…..I bought it THEN read the reviews on

As usual, I didn’t pick a straightforward one…….

I did take note of the ease issues (there’s loads of it), and cut it one size smaller at the bust and two at the waist, though I lost the plot with the instructions for the lining and decided to make it up as I went along…there are a few dodgy bits, but right now it doesn’t look too awful…apart from the colour clash…….I just need to get some buttons tomorrow and brave hemming the bloody thing (unless I can find hot pink bias tape……) It seems to fit OK, maybe a little big, but I’ll see when the buttons go on….

Tomorrow, I will be having help digging the weeds (I helped someone else today) then there will be buttonhole hell followed by a first attempt to draft a pattern block for a skirt. I may also cut out pieces for the gingham top – another variation of the broc/space top, with more shirring and possible sleeves, a v neck and modesty panel. If I get time…….

Oops, quite image heavy this one, and I haven’t said much about anything….off to look at more blogs now…..

I have actually fallen in love with a dress I saw on a blog, despite the pattern photo looking awful (I don’t like orange, for a start). When I get some serious cash and some nice fabric, I WILL be making the lovely Ceylon dress…blog I found it on here

How amazing is that dress?

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