Oops, look what fell in my basket, and the ‘Fear of Fatty’

Posted: November 17, 2011 in Diet bollocks, dressmaking, Polenastics, Training, wheat is murder
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Just back from Polenastics. Busy lesson today, and I had the Fear of Fatty. This relates to the pole, not the people! (The poles come in 45mm and 50mm widths. I have tiny hands and short fingers, despite being built like a brick shithouse, and today, I had to go on a fat pole….. 😦 )

Despite the Fear, I managed to do a sitty thing and invert, though I got proper scared and fudged it a couple of times. This is good, though I am still sore from the gym yesterday. Yes, I thought skullcrushers and close grip bench press would be a good idea…. 😀

Today, I made dumplings with proper beef suet and einkorn flour. They looked dark and were quite dense but tasted lovely and nutty so I shall be attempting pastry next, for my mince pies…..

Yesterday, I went to the Singer shop to have a little look at the patterns…..my friend says th Vogue patterns fit best, as we’ve found New Look ones have silly amounts of ease, Simplicity patterns aren’t and well, the Vogue stuff seems more suited to my chunky hourglass shape…..

How unfortunate then, that as I got to the shop, there was a big sign on the door telling me there is 40% off all Vogue patterns. Oops. I was good, I didn’t just buy the ones I wanted to make, I bought the ones I wanted to make and HAVE ENOUGH FABRIC FOR…….


The first is a dress I liked the look of as it looks simple but challenging – it will require concentration. I have 2 metres of a slightly stretchy pinstripe which I may use – I think this would really work as a smart work dress, though I plan to make it out of something else later….

The second is a vintage reissue, which I will trace, as I’m going to attempt it in a stretch jersey, so will need to cut it a size or two smaller (I also want to make it in a different fabric in the ‘proper’ size, later). It’s also the sort of thing I’ll wear with leggings, when it gets cold(er).

Hopefully, I shall be cutting out the fabric for the 8728 on Sat, and beginning to stitch it on Sunday. I must be mad, I hate stretchy stuff, but it’s spotty, and I have loads of it!




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