Vogue 8728 Mk2

Posted: November 26, 2011 in dressmaking
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Hmm well. As previously mentioned, this was grim to deal with – the stretchy t shirt fabric was TOO stretchy, and made it bag and sag all over the place…..and the neck was HUGE!

Last night, I had nothing to wear, and had the choice of putting buttons and buttonholes on the turquoise top (and my sewing table is a horror!!!), or working something out with the spotty dress. In the end, I shirred 3 rows at the neckline, to bring in gathers all the way round, one row at the lower bodice, and a row around the sleeves. It’s still huge in the back, but a belt sorted that out. I wore it out last night, and got a few compliments, which is nice. I haven’t hemmed it yet, I may still cut a couple of inches off – it seems to lend itself best as a long top to wear with leggings……I have a pic – it looks massively on the piss, and the seams look uneven as hell, but it actually looks a lot better on….and the seams etc are actually right, it’s the saggy gathers that are the problem! 😀



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