My First Corset

Posted: March 6, 2012 in dressmaking, Vanity
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Making, that is, not wearing.

Been up to loads but for this post will concentrate on last weekend, in which I learned to make a corset, and it was less scary than I expected. A bit picture heavy, this post, but it was meant as a record to remind me what to do!!!

First steps first – drafting the pattern. I went for a 5″ reduction from my waist measurement of the day, as my waist can fluctuate by 2-3″ on any given day…

Basic draft of the pattern, without added bottom shaping. And you can shove your metric up your arse lol.

More patterny stuff. I chose to make an underbust corset as I don’t own one I can wear, and I hate the restriction and back fat I get from an overbust – I’m quite well endowed and don’t like having a shelf I can rest my chin on! 😀

Afterwards, the pieces were traced and cut out. Coutil, interfacing and fashion fabric all cut out ready for some serious construction. I don’t own a red corset, so picked up some nice tomato red shantung from my local shop…

Fashion pieces and interfacing sorted. Coutil and fashion fabric basted together. Anything to avoid pins…..

Beginnings of construction – sewing together the pattern pieces (but not centre back and fronts)

Pressed the seams. I am shite at pressing, my homework is to buy an iron and make an effort….

Seams all trimmed. After this my phone went belly up so couldn’t take more pictures, but all I did was finish the seams..

Small diversion. We took a quick break and went to the fabric shop. This time, I got some random fabric with snails on skateboards and tortoises on roller skates. I had to buy it because it was so bizarre and because I really am a tortoise on skates 😀

Sunday. Seams are done – flat felled I think they’re called.

And another shot – with centre back now sewn on…

Adding busk to centre front and sewing it on…I don’t have a pic of the other side, but I shredded my thumbnails trying to poke the busk through, and had to get help lol

After too much trauma with a hole punch, a bit more sewing and an argument with some bias binding, and much sewing in Morse Code, the finished article (yes I look like a grumpy cow in the pics lol I was tired!)

And the back view – so nice to have a curve in the same place I do naturally!

Thought it needed a little something, so my friend embroidered a ladybird, and sewed it onto the corset….

And the finished article…….

The picture doesn’t really do it justice – there is actually a waist reduction, but the angle the picture was taken was a bit odd – I am not normally this up and down!

The corset is very comfortable, with no digging in. I think it’s pretty damn good for a first effort. The only thing I would change if I made it again would be to make a slightly bigger waist reduction, and have the extra reduction in the front side panels. Looking forward to wearing this sometime soon (when I have got rid of this damn cold!!!)

I have the bug again and need to sort out my spare room for sewing. Bought Vogue 8280 today, as the shop has a 40% off sale on…that’s 3 dresses to make now!!!

  1. kei robinson says:

    hey hun. i’m well impressed with all this creative behaviour and slightly ashamed off myself as i still haven’t finished my second corset i started making well over a year ago, but i need to repattern myself and i a) never find the time…b)can’t be bloody arsed lol. x

    • beklet says:

      Finish it!!!! That pattern honestly took less than an hour from bit of paper, including explaining how to do it – it’s not a complicated corset though lol x

  2. MindLess says:

    Looks good! And I really appreciate that your first try fits soooo good!

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