Trials and tribulations aka ‘The Horror of Satin’

Posted: March 19, 2012 in dressmaking, rantage, Vanity, What the fuck am I thinking?

It occurred to me the other day that I have 5 weddings and 3 hen dos to go to this year…so far.

This means I need suitable attire to wear to them. It definitely means that at least 2 frocks are probably best NOT being made of fabric with skulls, vegetables or other random items on them…

Off I toddled to the shop, to buy a nice pattern and some equally nice fabric. I did have my eye on the eyewateringly pink Chinese satin with butterflies on, but in the end I went for the turquoise.

As there was no longer a Vogue sale on, I went for a New Look pattern (with some misgivings, they normally end up with a weird fit)

So, I set about making it, with a few differences. I really didn’t understand the instructions for the flange (I made view A) so I mad it up. It seemed to work OK. I also decided to put the zipper in the side. Main reasoning for this is that I have short arms and am staggeringly inflexible, so can’t actually reach a back zip….due to narrowness of fabric, I still did the back seams, and I think I matched them up pretty well…

But oh GOD how awful is satin? I overlocked each piece first to stem the fraying. Er….it made little difference. I got to the point (right near the end) when I insert the zipper…disaster! It went horribly wrong. Unpicking it won’t help as the fabric has pulled and will fray….to add insult to injury, one of the pleats at the front is fraying (WTF?) which may mean a nightmare unpicking scenarioor darning and some creative embellishment. I’d just bound the neck and one armhole too and I was actually quite pleased with it. Argh! This was last week, and I’m still fuming. I was so angry, it is sitting in a little heap on the ironing board. I decided to make something out of better behaved fabric.

But for now, here are some gruesome pics…

Here it is, looking all innocent, and ‘almost finished’…do not be fooled, that zip is a monstrosity!

The offending frayage – are you fucking serious?? Grrrr…

And the inside of it – again, WTF?

And the bit well outside the zip that has started to fray and may well necessitate cutting out and me having to lose a couple of stones before I can wear it *sad face*

Oh, and don’t get me started on the wrinkles on the shoulders…….

I will go back to this when I’ve

a) calmed down

b) found out how I can actually rectify it without it looking like shit


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