Another completion and a bandwagon jumped on

Posted: March 25, 2012 in dressmaking, Fat bastard, Not a rant, roller derby, Vanity

I had a meeting in Peterborough on Friday, and on the way to meet my colleagues, I noticed a market. Markets usually house fabric stalls (unless you are unfortunate enough to live in Bedford grrr) and this was no exception.

After the meeting, I bimbled back there and although I was massively spoilt for choice, chose 2 metres of pink and black dogtooth stuff (fabric unknown, it was £1.99/metre ffs lol), and 3 metres of some floaty, see through black stuff with a bubbly pattern. Muchos bargain at £1.65/metre, not sure what to make from it though…maybe an ENORMOUS circle skirt to wear over the purple netty petty I haven’t made yet…. 😀

The dogtooth check was perfect for my Meringue attempt. Yes, I have jumped on the Colette bandwagon. I was unconvinced by the pics in the book, as they were styled, and in fabrics I wouldn’t be seen dead in, but having seen others’ interpretations of them (and the fabulous Ceylon dress), I thought I may have to go for it, which is why I bought the book earlier in the year….

I have to say, the instructions were spot on, I LOVED the whole facing thing – it looks so neat and pretty (maybe not for a ‘proper’ sewist but it far surpasses any previous efforts I’ve made…

I did have massive issues ith the zipper. I pressed it, put on the invisible zip foot and went for it, and was somewhat surprised to find I’d sewn over the teeth…WTF? Unpicked it in a proper huff, until I realised I’m a retard and it wasn’t even a concealed zip – d’oh! Twunt….

Got the CORRECT zip and it went in OK, but the fabric was massively puckered. Arse. More seam rippage, and the third time it did the same. Confused? Oh yes… the end I put on a standard zip foot and did it that way. It’s not stitched as close to the teeth but it’s good enough for me…

The fabric was a bit weird actually as it’s really stretchy on the bias which made sewing the scallops ‘interesting’

Oh, and catch stitching? I can’t hand sew for shit lol! Tidy it ain’t…

The finished article is lovely though – I think it’s a little big around the waist (I cut a 14 and I seem to be between a 12 and 14 in Colette sizes), but it sits an inch below my belly button which is where it’s supposed to be….

Pic of it hanging up which does NOT do it justice

And pics of it on…bear in mind Bob hates taking pics, they are not flattering, and I apologise for the state of my sewing room, but it shows the fit at least (even if I am massively foreshortened and look proper dumpy)

Hopefully I will get pics of it in action soon 🙂

Meanwhile, I got some pics of the Vogue dress, though again, the shot is awful – no Myspace angles here!!!

All the faffing with the zip appears to have damaged it so I need to insert another one…..which I may get round to one day…..

I wore the ladybird corset out last night, and it was really comfy, I could eat in it and it looked good (IMHO), hopefully there will be pics surfacing somewhere…..

Now, what to make next? I have the bug!!!

In other news, I passed my Basic Skills for roller derby and am now allowed to get hit properly – eek!

  1. beklet says:

    Actually,.those pics make it look a really bad fit – I am slouching though – if I stand up straight, it doesn’t have that ‘droop’ lol

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