Something other than sewing

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Allotment, dressmaking, Fat bastard, Training, Vanity

A bit. I understitched the Meringue earlier, and now I will be making a netty petty to go under an as yet unmade skirt. This one will be purple and calf length, and I think I’ve worked out how to make it less traumatic this time round…

One of my pots of peppers has germinated, but can’t remember which…..

Just back from the gym. I trained legs. My weights are weak but I am actually doing a proper rep range now – 8-12 instead of 3 or 4 then getting bored. It’s hard, and I am back on the pink weights but the session felt like a ‘proper’ session like when I was young…..

I did hack squats, deadlifts, squats, lunges, leg curl, calf raises. No leg extension as the machines were busy….

I am going to HURT tomorrow but I don’t care, it feels good to be back….

In bad news, the weight is creeping on, I am back to 12 stone dead HOWEVER we are boycotting supermarkets next month (and on a tiny budget due to Whitby) so hopefully it will be sorted soon enough


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