Carnage in the sewing room, being upside down and mechanics

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Allotment, dressmaking, jalopy corner, minor rant, Polenastics, Training, What the fuck am I thinking?
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Start with the first – yesterday I made a shiny bit for my car, and then I made it not shiny by spraying it with etchweld. On Friday, my non shiny will be welded onto my car, so it will have a smaller hole in the side. Hurrah!!

Last night, I went to Polenastics, and despite my legs being fooked from training legs the day before, I managed two inversions and so now I feel more confident.

Yesterday, I also made a start on the Purple Petticoat of Doom which will be a calf length effort of epic proportions. One thing I have learned from the green one – I have sewn the pieces together BEFORE overlocking the edges so all the edges match. That’s it – I haven’t got to the awful gathering stage yet 😀

Have a friend coming over later to sew…my remit is to teach her to thread a sewing machine, how to hand stitch without it coming undone and how to sew on a button. All pretty easy BUT my hand stitching is DIRE!!!

My pea plants need to go out, but Wilko’s have sold out of 7 and 9 foot canes. Grrr,


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