The good, the bad, and the downright ugly

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Allotment, Boycotts, dressmaking, Fat bastard, injuries, rantage, roller derby, Training

Will start with the good. I went skating today, it was fun, for the most part. I am going to a bout tomorrow. Someone brought cakes. I went into the Singer shop, spoke to the nice lady and they have now ordered me an Imperial French Curve, as opposed to the metric one they have in stock. WTF are centimetres anyway? They are a French invention that has been forced upon us and they make no sense. Yes, I understand the irony of ordering an Imperial French curve. Ha. If you ever have chance, I’d recommend ‘About The Size Of It’ by Warwick Cairns. It basically tells you why metric is an illogical pile of shite that jars horribly with nature, and why an English pint is bigger than an American one (the Americans are right, but then we get more beer in our pint lol, it’s all down to the French again, and the fact we used to trade a lot 😀 ) Hm. This has become a rant, and it’s in the ‘good’ section, Sorry about that.

Day one of Supermarket Boycott went well, though it meant going into town. After my bitch about no fabric stall here, it seems there was one in the market today, though it was mainly curtain type stuff, it may be worth a look.

I have managed 2 of the three layers of my petticoat, but god I hate pins. My machine only ate one though,so that’s good.

The carnage that is my sewing table, post overlocking, and the half finished item in question. It will be a mid calf length one, it’s about to my knees right now, but the top will be about an inch and a half shorter once the elastic’s in.

I also went out last night, wearing my ladybird corset, not sure there were any pics. What is worrying is that people seem to think I made my whole outfit – I’m not capable of that yet lol!

My order for collar bacon has gone in and it’ll be ready on Weds – yay!!!

The bad – I fell on my ankle earlier during skating, and was lucky not to sprain it. My gumshield makes my gums bleed, because my teeth have moved. I didn’t get chance to plant my peas earlier. I really need to work on my flexibility and balance too, after the amount of times I tripped!

The downright ugly – it is my sad duty to inform everyone that the turquoise satin dress is destined to become a UFO. I tried it on earlier, and the back of the neck is so horribly gapey it’s untrue, while the front is a little tight. As for the zip, even in as is, the dress is very tight around the ribs, so taking it out and redoing would, as predicted, require me to lose about a stone and a half and develop a hunchback for it to fit. I’d just bought some more thread and bloody trim as well 😦

My plan now is to make it again, I will have to buy more fabric, but this time I will measure the pattern pieces many times, and attempt an FBA (which makes no sense as it’s gathered under the bust, maybe will extend the side seam). As I put the zip at the side not the back, will cut the back as one piece, but without a big chunk in the middle…

Lessons learned all round, I think, but I won’t be attempting that until I’ve made something I’m happy with, otherwise I’ll get all disheartened.


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