I’m a mardy bint (aka Today’s general rant, bitch and whine)

Posted: April 3, 2012 in dressmaking, Fat bastard, Fuckwittery, nutrition, paleo paleo, Polenastics, rantage, Training, Vanity, What the fuck am I thinking?, wherefore art though paleo?
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Today, I get the feeling I’m spectacularly shit at everything I do.

Take sewing. The only time I’ve made anything that fits properly is when I’ve been supervised (and had instruction on drafting the pattern) My Meringue is lovely but a little big on the waist, and today’s effort. Oh god…..

This is the New Look jacket (except it’s a waistcoat as I had no spare fabric). It was all going well until I decided to self bind the sleeves. It all went wrong, so the bias binding came out. Then I decided to bind the lapels too……except the binding is on the wrong way…..oh and it’s massive on the waist. I now have to put the buttonhole in, and I’m scared, as my machine is mardier than me when it comes to buttonholes…oh, and it has wrinkly shoulders. Gah. It all starts off well and goes to shit near the end, and I lose heart, get bored and go to the next thing.

The binding does make it quite ‘Prisoneresque’ though 😀 I do love The Prisoner…

Which is a dress to wear for weddings, in purple, white and black, but that’s another post….and another time – 4 day weekend means I may actually pace myself…..

They gym. I can’t be arsed, I really can’t. I love it when I’m there but it’s easy to make an excuse (I’m just cutting out this pattern…)

Same goes for diet. I’ve done strict paleo, I know I can do it, for a month at least, WHY can I still not resist sugar? WHY do I eat so much crap.

Take a look at the blogs on my blogroll – all inspirational people who do amazing things, all the things I want to do, from the ladies that make amazing clothes, to the Primal/Paleo boys and girls….gah.

Normal service shall be resumed shortly, I have Polenastics to go to, I may even post some pics of the waistcoat failure for your amusement.


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