Well. After yesterday’s trauma, I have left the waistcoat as is. I need to do the button and buttonhole, but that can wait. Here is the offending pattern… http://sewing.patternreview.com/Patterns/37331

I have made the trousers before, and they were massive on the waist. Now, I am dead on halfway between an 18 and a 20, most of the time, though I usually end up cutting an 18, otherwise everything is huge on the shoulders, but this is silly. 6.5″ ease on the bust? The finished article is massive, you think I’m kidding? Yes, it looks big on the dummy, because the dummy is a max. size 12 (I was, once) but Bob tried it on, and aside from being a little short, it fit him perfectly! I may get a pic up for a laugh…if it didn’t have the frilly bit on the bottom, he’d have it as a waistcoat 😀

In other news, I finally redid the catch stitching on the Meringue, as it was too loose and kept catching my knee….I also went to the charity shop earlier and found my favourite brand of shirt, in my size, similar pattern but pink and white – a nice smart look for work, methinks!  Also found a stripey shirt, same brand, a size too small…so I thought. Turns out the smaller size fits me PERFECTLY everywhere except my boobs – but leaving the button open and wearing a vest under it looks pretty cool (in my opinion) so it’s a win all round. Pics will be forthcoming when I get to wear the combo (tomorrow I am playing cars so it won’t be then….)

I must stay off Ebay…..I have just bought a job lot of zips….the idea of buying one zip for over £2 is galling, same with a pack of 5 buttons for same….I’m tempted by a bag of random buttons for £1.99….

This weekend I shall mostly be making a dress for Bob’s sister’s wedding, which is the following weekend. This is assuming I don’t cock it up like I did the turquoise one (which may well now be for the August or September wedding)

Pattern is an Amazing Fit pattern – I got it for two reasons – it has separate pieces for different cup sizes – woohoo!!! (saying this, according to my measurements, I’m barely a C cup in this pattern, when in reality I’m an E….Okayyyyy…only 3 cups different lol – I can only assume this is going by the old school way of measuring bra size where I am indeed a C cup)

The other reason is…POCKETS!!!! Why do clothing manufacturers not put pockets in women’s clothes? Even jacket pockets are fake!!!

I’ll be making view C, the sweetheart neckline and short sleeves

And the fabric I’ll be making it out of is quite a loud animal print and flower viscose…..sounds vile but I actually really like it, and it’s drapey and flowy so I’ll get a swishy skirt…the lady in the shop said I’ll have to iron it while it’s damp…iron? IRON???


Let’s hope it all goes well……

Meanwhile, I have been eating a bit better today, and feel less bleh. Long weekend coming up, I need a recipe for hot cross buns with einkorn flour lol…..

Can’t wait for my book to arrive, all those lovely recipes! My collar bacon has been delayed, as it’s still curing – looking forward to going to the farm shop to buy loads of noms…..




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