Completed – Simplicity 2174

Posted: April 9, 2012 in dressmaking, Fabric trauma, Fuckwittery, minor rant, Vanity, What the fuck am I thinking?
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Aka the ‘This Is The One I’m Going To Get Right Dress’

Did I? Errr…well no, but it’s a pretty decent effort, compared to the others, so let’s see…

First of all, the fabric. It felt lovely, it looked nice, it was drapey and fl0wy. It also frayed, was slippery, a bit stretchy and a bit of a pain to sew and press, tbh.

The pattern. Now, there are all number of instructions for fitting. I read them. No, really, I DID! I decided the fabric would not lend itself well to basting, unpicking and sewing, it just wouldn’t – a little flimsy, methinks. Looks like I’d have to get it right first time. The one thing I DID do, was measure the pattern pieces. Normally, my measurements put me between an 18 and a 20, and I’ve found things are always a bit big, especially around the back. This time, after measuring the pattern pieces, and finding the actual finished measurements of the garment, I cut out a 16C. I can’t tell you how nervous this made me….. 😀

After cutting the pieces, I pinned the bodice pieces together and tried them on – it all seemed to be a good fit (the skirt wasn’t an issue – not with a 50″ hip as finished measurement lol! ) so I went ahead and sewed….

The pockets went together like a dream – I even topstitched them and used twill tape to minimise stretching…all very technical.

The bits I like – the pockets, the princess seams (MUCH better fit, I suck at darts) and even the sleeves were nice, after I sorted out my machine’s tension issue… I also used the instructions for sewing a facing to the zip from the Colette Sewing Handbook – I love the finish on this, it’s my new favourite thing!

The bits I hated – after sewing everything but the side seams, I noted HUGE gappage at the top of the neck…tried a number of things but in the end, the only solution was to unpick it and put a pleat in the top – took it in 2″ either side, and there’s still some gaping, but any more and the sleeves will start to pull. I may ask a friend for advice on this, as it was also a big problem with the turquoise satin of evil….I think this has to do with my build, if it’s a common theme – anyone has any ideas, let me know…..I maintain it’s muscle that causes me to have the problems.. 🙂

Oh, and although the zip went in well, the back waist seams are about half an inch apart at the back – WTF? Thankfully I will be wearing this with a belt…..

As the neck got butchered, I ended up binding the neckline – I didn’t want to, but it doesn’t look too awful – me and neck facings Do Not Get On. They flap about and annoy me…..

No pics of me in it yet but some bad ones from it on my skinny dummy..

Pockets..I like pockets

WTF with the mismatched seams?

I will sew this again, most definitely. I will probably make the longer version – it comes almost to my ankles anyway!!!!


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