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Posted: April 10, 2012 in Boycotts, dressmaking, minor rant, MMM '12, paleo paleo, Vanity, What the fuck am I thinking?
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Well, after the frustrations of the latest pattern, I thought I’d have a bit of a play. I bought a couple of metres of gingham at Boyes last year, and thought I’d make a nice top. I used the bodice from the New Look pattern and added about 6″ to the waistband. I was going to do shirring all the way down, but decided just to go for the back waist. It is a little tight round the front but that was me being stingy with the fabric. As before, the back gaped like a bitch, so I put 2″ darts in. Did a bit of binding around the sleeves, then tried it on…all good, except the neckline. Bend over and…hello bra!!! Hmmm. Debated a bit of modesty lace, a friend suggested thin elastic. Tried both, it looked awful. Gah. Still debating how to do the hem….

It's not that on the piss in real life, honest

Check out the pretty sleeves

Ignore the dreadful pressing, however, as I mentioned, my iron went all leaky and crap. I went out and bought a new one. It hurt, I was all for the cheapo £4 one, but then found one that was half price at £20 and is almost twice the size of my old one, so I bought the beast – at around 6 times the cost of my old one, it had better last 10 years too!

Yes, I have a picture of an iron on my blog, what of it?

I also got a phone call earlier to say my French Curve had arrived – yay Imperial goodness! And what did I do when I got home? Made a basic skirt block using the instructions in ‘METRIC Pattern Curring’ Yes, I like to make life difficult


Speaking of metric pattern cutting, Bob got the men’s version through the post today, so he can make trousers – and in the package was my book. I shall look forward to eating proper yummy food (especially as my collar bacon is due to be in tomorrow, I will also be buying Black Bomber cheese…yum!)

Yummy food.

For more amazing food porn, check out Modern Paleo Warfare on my blogroll…..

Hmm. Other stuff. Well, after making the block, I dug out some old pinstripe stretchy velvety type stuff and made a skirt.  Results are almost in (I still need to hem it)

This material was made for my overlocker, how pretty is that?

Facing made from leftover chilli fabric. Yes, the zip is purple. It's a design feature, honest.

IT FITS!!!! IT FITS PERFECTLY!!! I’m so HAPPY! It even looks pretty with the also half finished top….. I might have something to wear in MMM’12 yet!!!

Look - it's almost an outfit!

Still on dressmaking – the new Colette patterns came out today – despite having enormous thunderthighs, I *need* the Iris shorts – it’s the front side seam pockets…and I also want the sundress I can’t remember the name of but has triangular side seams and looks ace in stripes – check out Coletterie on the blogroll if you want to actually see what I’m wittering about!

Nice to see Deadford made it into the national news, though not for great reasons I live near the Crown pub – interesting as it’s right next to the hospital – which charges a fortune for parking. Hmmm. Oh, and it’s on a very busy junction that is already gridlocked at rush hour. That’ll be nice for everyone then…..

In completely unrelated news, there are changes ahead for me, in a motivational capacity. I’m very excited. I’ve been working through some stuff and reading this blog the woman is amazing, she made me lift heavier than I ever have before…

Anyhow, that’s enough from me, I have some chilling out to do!


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