Colette Spring/Summer 2012 palette challenge

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Colette S/S'12, dressmaking, Fabric trauma, MMM '12, Not a rant, Vanity, What the fuck am I thinking?
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Spring/Summer palette

So…..somewhere on the left is a little colour wheel tag thingummy telling you I’ve signed up for another dressmaking challenge. Well, why not? I was umming and ahhing about the colour theme for this – ie I love red and don’t have enough of it in my wardrobe, I’m also getting a hankering after something in lemon yellow and lime green (think Twister lolly), but in the end, I went for the above. Why?

Well, they are my other favourite colours, but also colours I don’t wear enough of (the teal shades, for example – I LOVE greeny aqua colours but rarely wear them, so I shall be making an effort this year), or paler, brighter shades of colours I do wear – the light aqua is a bit out of my comfort zone…. 😀

Let me clarify, I am a goth, though I love very bright colours – mainly red, green and magenta. I even believe I suit them….but I still go for black cos I am lazeh…I must stop with the black!

The stuff on my board – the colou and shape of the mermaid dress is AMAZING, I would love to make one, one day. The Vibrams – I do sporty stuff, and I need to make sporty clothes – I will be making shorts this summer, that is definitely one of the things I’ll be making….the corset. I’ve made one corset, and I’d like to make another before the end of summer. I also really like the colour…

I love the shape of the green dress, the colours on the floaty dress, and everyone should have green glittery shoes…the flamingo top is due to my love of ridiculous fabrics, and I love ladybirds, hence the necklace. The grey jacket reflects workwear (I have no smart workwear) and the fact I often think grey looks smarter than black, and it goes with my chosen ‘brights’

My plan for this challenge is to make – 1 dress suitable for a wedding (I have little choice in this), 1 pair of shorts (possibly Iris), 1 go-anywhere summer dress, 2 tops/blouses suitable for pretty much anything, and if I have time, maybe a skirt. That isn’t black. I will actually be making 2 dresses suitable for weddings but one is way off the scope of this challenge 😀 Oh, and I have my netty petty to finish, which is definitely the right colour for this!

For now though, I need to get ready for a wedding, my dress has a wonky hem, but clearly it’s a design feature…. 😀

  1. 2Tonsils says:

    Gorgeous colours there and most of the things can mix and match to make loads of outfits. I like all the colours. I am like you, so many things in black in my wardrobe so I have been making an effort to introduce more colour into my life. Your colour palette has given me some good ideas for what clothes to pick to bring to the UK for my visit in May/June…so thanks for the inspiration…

    • beklet says:

      Ah thanks – my colour choices are always a bit odd, but pastels and pale colours just aren’t me! And yes, I had it in mind I could mix and match all the colours and it would look OK – I want a mini capsule wardrobe lol!

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